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What the heck are beer paddles?

If you have been to a pub/bar that offers “flights” of beers, often they will present the tasting glasses in small (2-5oz) glasses carried in some kind of device┬áto assist┬áthe waitstaff in transport.

Examples include (picked at random via a Google search):

Some of these paddles can be costly and/or may not fit the style you are wanting to project at your bar.

With the recent establishment of Columbia, SC’s first brewery ( I offered to provide the guys some paddles that would be in-line with their motif.

This also gave me a chance to gain some practice in woodworking, using your typical DIY tools.

So, off we go!

Click here to jump to the v1.0 paddles made for Conquest.

Click here to jump to the v2.0 paddles made for Conquest.

If you are interested in having some custom paddles made for you and/or your bar, drop me a note and we can discuss.

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  1. Can you make some sampler paddles for our Moonshine? We are looking to order 50

  2. What are options for labeling the different beers that are on the paddle?

  3. Lindsay Connolly

    We are trying to create a Paddle of Destiny that can hold 30 sample glasses. Is this something that you can help me with?

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