Green’s Beverages (Columbia, SC)

One of the best places to purchase beer in the Columbia area is Green’s Discount Beverages on Piney Grove Road. ¬†They have fully engaged in the Craft Beer movement and have done wonders in bringing both local and National goodies to the Columbia area.

This was the first paddled I incorporated a branded logo and I think it turned out well. Attached are “beauty shots” highlighting the paddle and the tasting glass pairing.

The shape of the paddle is in the same proportion to the tasting glasses. I used some *.jpgs to obtain the shape and enlarged the shape while keeping the aspect ratio locked.

They are for sale at Green’s and would make lovely gifts to someone who wants to show off their allegiance to Green’s.

Figure 1: The “Glamour Shots” pose.

Green's pair

Figure 2: The paddle in its native environment.

Green's single

If you are interested in having a custom paddle for your application, drop me a line and we can chat.


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