Part 4: The stair wall

My “vision” for the stairs was to have them hidden by a partial wall, which would also be used as background for a china cabinet that was my wife’s mothers for many, many years. My plan was to repurpose this piece into a glass cabinet and display for my single-malts.

Image 1: Framing up of the “Stair-wall”. I needed to leave enough room to allow for the paneling to slide between the studs and the stairs which I would then tie into the stringers to give added support. Also, I tied the studs into back wall (not squared up yet in this picture) to give added stability.


Image 2: Once the studs were tied in, there was very little movement. Another issue I had to address was what angle to use for the top of the wall. The loft has a sloped ceiling that sloped down to the great room from right to left.  Since the stairs would be hidden, I elected to use the angle of the ceiling.


Image 3: “Test fitting” the china cabinet against the stair wall. I wanted the cabinet to be lower than the wall, as I had plans for decor for the top of the cabinet


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