Folding Jockey box covers (Custom sized)

At beer fests, a common sight is the jockbox. This excellent way of running a liquid from a kegged product, under pressure, through coils in a cooler filled with ice as a way of serving your product at the proper temp.

However, sometimes the cooler is not the prettiest site to behold. Especially if it’s seen the back of a truck and been bounced around over the years in a warehouse.

To those ends, many folks cover their jockeybox with a frame or siding to provide a more uniform appearance and surface for displaying swag (along with a flat top for use as a serving area).

If kept as a solid, this frame can be bulky and take up space. If made up of separate pieces, the risk of it collapsing at in opportune times can be risky.

Enter the “Folding Jockey-box Cover” (or “FJC” for short). :)

Made from pine, stained to a color of your choice with two coats of Urethane applied to hinder damage from liquid, the FJC presents as a single enclosed box that fits over your jockeybox and allows access from behind for your tap handles and connections. Space is left on both the sides, back and top to allow for space for hoses and hands. Refilling the cooler with ice can be accomplished by sliding the FJC forward and opening the cooler.

Once folded upon itself, the top of the FJC acts as hand holds for porting to and from set-up.

To date, I’ve made many FJCs for both local distributors and breweries (and one brewery in San Diego) for use at beerfests.

Below are some pics where you can see both the process and some Beauty Shots of the finished products in action.

If you are interested in one or more FJC, check out the “Contact Information / How to Order” page and I’d be happy to chat with you regarding what sizes you need to make this part of your routine set-up.







TC beauty shot

Old Hangtown



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