Part 3: The stairs

On to the stairs!

From the loft, there is access to another bedroom. This area was always a favorite of the eldest child since it was the farthest place away from the parental units. With both children grown and moved away, this bedroom was converted into a sewing room for my wife. The existing stairs needed an upgrade from both a structural and aesthetic standpoint.

To those ends, I built new stringers and used oak planking for the risers and treads.

Image 1: Stringers and test fitting the risers and treads


Image 2: Kept the width as close as possible to limit the impact of the stairs (FYI: This is the only pic of my wife’s…. legs… Could NOT have done this without her. She picked the wall color that transitioned nicely from the great room and also worked with some of the furnishings (that we’ll get to later).


Image 3: Cut the boards flush with the outer stringer. I had plans for what to do with this (you’ll see what exactly in the next set of pictures).


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