German-style Kranz beer carrier (Bierkeller Columbia, SC)

Always happy to partner with local establishments and working with Bierkeller Columbia has been a great honor!

Scott has done some great work bringing authentic Kolumbianer, Kellerbier, and Braunbiers to market and I’m very much looking forward to the Rauchbier release in November!

I was approached to design a beer carrier for the Kolsch glasses. Keeping true to the German theme, Scott wanted a Kranz-style carrier.

After much work attempting to keep it true to style, and also able to support weight, I came upon this design. This incorporates several elements to include a dual-deck design with outer rim supports and also a center post with a metal handle giving it a more “industrial” look and feel.

Four of the Kranz’ will remain without stain or poly finish to allow to age naturally with use. A fifth Kranz is stained Jacobean with a poly coat.

You can catch up with all Bierkeller Columbia activities at their website and their Facebook page.  Very good stuff and great to have in my hometown!!




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