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If you are interested in purchasing an existing design for a flight deck or wood sign, send me an email at We will discuss stain and/or finish options to meet your needs. Payment can be made via PayPal, other electronic methods of payment or personal check. Payment in full is expected upon shipment of your product. Since most flight decks are made to order, please allow two to three weeks from time of order to shipment. During development, I will send you pictures of the process (if you are interested) so you can see your paddle being developed in “near real-time”.

Custom folding jockey box covers are also made to order, based upon the dimensions of the jockeybox being covered. I will need the exact dimensions of the jockeybox and will allow for a few inches of tolerance all around for hoses, etc. Please allow three weeks for delivery.

Have an idea for a custom flight deck, tap handle, sign of folding jockeybox cover?

If you have an idea for a flight deck, tap handle, wooden sign or folding jockeybox cover for your bar, brewery, restaurant, or personal use, I would love to chat with you to make it happen! New ideas are always exciting and part of the fun!

You can reach me as follows:

Facebook page: D2Woodcrafting

Twitter account: D2Woodcrafting

Instagram: D2Woodcrafting

Email address:

Or if you just want to “Like” or “Follow” my creations and I post them to various social media accounts.

Looking forward to chatting with you!


Dan Drociuk


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