Tap handles for Conquest Brewing Company!

Several years ago when I first started making flight decks, Conquest Brewing Company was my first partner. You can see “version 1.0” and “version 2.0” of their flight decks in the archives, or via this link. I’m happy to say that we have remained a partner over the years, and many more flight decks (and versions) have been made for them. Recently, they wanted to experiment with some narrow tap handles, due to the fact that some tap lines are getting very crowded and big bulky handles are being turned sideways in order for them to fit in narrow spaces. To those ends, I took their existing design and made an all-wood 2.5in wide tap handle. Plans are for them to have decals affixed to identify both Conquest and the particular beer offering on-tap. Here’s a “beauty pic” of them drying in the afternoon sun, after the final spar urethane coats.

Conquest tap handles

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