Reason for my absence from the D2 Woodcrafting webpage

Well, I realized that my last post was April 2018.

On April 13th my dad was diagnosed with Stage 4 Pancreatic cancer. After a short battle he went home to be with his Lord on May 30th 2018.

My dad and I often didn’t see eye to eye, but over the last few months we mended some fences and I was glad we were able to have some good discussions.

I was also glad I was with him, taking care of him, to the end.

As a memorial, below are some pics of my dad. He had a hard life (you can read a bit about it in the pic below) and always wanted to do the best with what he was given.

He was The Woodworker. I learned from him and know just enough to be dangerous in my own way. :)

Anywho, now that some time has passed, I’ll bring the website up to speed with regards to projects I’ve been working on and great customers with whom I’ve worked with since April of last year.

Thanks to all of those who visited my Facebook and Instagram pages to keep updated as to my projects. Those sites seemed a bit easier to keep updated (especially for this Luddite).

Thanks all.

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